What is PlanetArcade?

What is PlanetArcade?

Simple, PlanetArcade is a global supplier of entertainment solutions.  Our goal is to consolidate in a single place all possible entertainment alternatives, both for commercial use in hotels, theme parks, FEC's, cruises, arcades, and for home use.

Taking into account this goal, we are able to sell pool tables to play in the garage, but also all video games and simulators to develop an arcade that can serve hundreds of visitors per week, in virtually any continent.

When an investor wishes to open a place with multiple entertainment options, he has the great problem of having to contact several suppliers, each one has different commercial conditions and many more complications that turn into time and money that cannot be invested in the main thing: Your business.

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PlanetArcade has a wide range of products, we have arcade games for sale, redemption games from the best manufacturers, bowling lanes that have been installed in more than 70 countries, we team up with companies that have been in the market for close to 60 years, all in one place, one world, PlanetArcade.

At the time of closing the agreement, our clients only need to speak with a company, without complications and with the benefit of having discounts for the purchase of multiple products.

At the time of coordinating shipments, our allies in transportation and our team have extensive experience to deliver to the interior of your home in the United States as consolidate several containers of products and send them to another continent.

Arcade Restaurant

One face, one company, one center of attention, are you in another time zone? another country? No problem, our team covers practically all business hours in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and America.

Welcome to our world, welcome to PlanetArcade!

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