The Leaderboard – Spider 360 2000 Series

The Spider 360 Leaderboard System is an innovative online ranking system that sets this electronic dartboard machine apart from the competition. The system works by allowing players to compete against each other based on their individual skill level, which is calculated using Marks Per Round (MPR) or Points Per Dart (PPD). This is different from the "Remote Play" feature found on other dartboards like Arachnid 360 BullShooter® machines, which are designed primarily for commercial use.

The Leaderboard™ is an excellent tool for sharpening your dart skills and challenging yourself to improve your ranking on the global leaderboard. Whether you play solo or with friends and family, the system offers a fun way to test your abilities against others from around the world. As you progress through the ranks, you can see how your skills measure up against the competition and strive to reach the top of the leaderboard.

One of the most exciting features of The Leaderboard™ is the opportunity to win prizes during various events. Spider 360 awards prizes to players who meet the criteria during the designated window of time to play. This adds an extra level of excitement and motivation to the game, as players strive to improve their skills and earn a chance to win prizes.


If you're interested in participating in The Leaderboard™, detailed instructions on how to access the system are available for download here. So what are you waiting for? Join the global community of dart enthusiasts and put your skills to the test!

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